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A downloadable game for Windows

"Our story begins in a distant world called Lyrn.

Where a little girl who wandered through the woods.

Met a beautiful woman sitting by the shore of a small pond.

Now several years later both were traveling together.

One seeking for adventure.

And the other, seeking for redemption."

The Star's Sorrow is a story driven adventure game where you play the role of Mira, a young woman who left her village while longing for a great adventure, and together with her is Ayah, an ancient mage who linked herself with the land a long time ago, and now as a spirit seeks to atone for the sins of the past.

Travel together with them, help those in need and fight monster to better prepare yourself for the challenges to come as you explore the land of Lyrn and its Kingdoms, and helps Ayah reaching her long lost friends, so she can make amends and erase all her regrets.

Helpful Tips

Access the system menu in game to change various useful options

More information

Published 14 days ago
TagsFantasy, RPGMaker
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Joystick

Install instructions

Run "The Star's Sorrow.exe"

Choose where to extract the game files.

Open the extracted folder.

Run "Game.exe"


The Star's Sorrow.exe 181 MB


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This game was AWESOME! I need more! How could it end at that? Will you make more? If so I cant want for the update! I'll be on the lookout!


Hello Sisay!

I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

Unfortunately though this was an idea solely for the IGMC contest, and while i've had some thought ahead about the story and the happenings I can't say for sure that I'll be taking this project further on.

Nonetheless, thank you very much for playing and for commenting, it's a very well apreciate feedback.